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Historical Background

Office of Vice President for Administrative Affairs was formerly in the status of a unit. It was initiated simultaneously when the University started its operation in 1972 to provide and support the aspects of academic and administrative affairs of the University effectively. These included all kind of printings (i.e. academic and examination documents), physical plant, quality of education, request of academic curriculum, security, legal matters, and human resources management.

Afterwards, the University was developing progressively, resulting in the bigger and more complicating load of work. In 1975, the human resources management was then separated from the administrative unit, making its own independent human resources management unit, and some of academic quality related work was then transferred to the Academic Affairs unit. In 1988, the Administrative Unit was upgraded to Administrative Assistant Department. Later on in 2003, the department changed its name to Office of Vice President for Administrative Affair, administering several departments/divisions as follow:

  1. Academic Documents and Examination Department
  2. Legal and General Business Department
  3. Audio-Visual Department
  4. Public Relations Department
  5. Techniques Department (HuaMak Campus)
  6. Operation and Maintenance Department (Suvarnabhumi Campus)
  7. Physical Plant Department (Hua Mak Campus)
  8. Physical Plant Department (Suvarnabhumi Campus)
  9. Infirmary Division